Swan Wealth Management

Swan Wealth Management


To produce a promotional film that highlights the company’s brand values, their ethos and an outline of their services.


Company directors, Matthew and Richard knew that they wanted more than a ‘run of the mill’ video that offered nothing more than a list of services and qualifications. So we worked together to distill their brand values and ethos into core messages. During this process it became clear how passionate Matthew and Richard were about what they do, plus both were very personable, so we used an ‘Eyedirect’ device for their interviews. This enables the interviewee to look at the interviewer, engaging with them to give more genuine, natural and relaxed responses – but mirrors on the device direct the interviewees eyeline directly down the camera lens, so they look like they’re addressing the camera. The result is that the interviewee looks like they’re telling their story directly to the audience. This increases audience trust.

Our testimonials

“Molly and her team did a great job translating our very loosely defined brief into a production we are proud of. They brought tremendous clarity and focus and were patient, professional and great fun to work with.”

Matthew Swan, Director, Swan Wealth Manager

We believe that people will engage with your brand if they care about it.  Share information about your business that inspires and resonates and your market will respond with their custom. This is at the root of everything we do.

We exist to tell your story