Caffè Nero


To produce a film celebrating Caffè Nero’s baristas through human interest stories about the positive impact they’ve had on their customer’s lives.


Working with the head of brand for Caffè Nero, we interviewed customers and baristas about their experiences, avoiding cliche. The effectiveness of this film relies on the genuine stories being told about friendship and appreciation that goes beyond good customer service. We used our extensive interview skills to draw out the best of the story, cut together with gorgeous images of the Caffè Nero environment to create a feel-good human interest film that encapsulates Caffè Nero’s approach to customer care in their stores.

Our testimonials

“Molly got to the heart of our customers’ stories, creating an emotional film that we’re incredibly proud of. Her creativity, professionalism and expertise inspired confidence that she would deliver – and she did. I would highly recommend Focus Pocus Films.”

Michael Higham, Director, Digital Production, Caffe Nero

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