TBS Boats


To produce a short film that promotes TBS Boats as a company with award-winning customer service standards, in a video that reflects the lifestyle aspect of owning a boat, aimed at their mature target market. For use on the TBS Boats web site.


A presenter-led format with customer testimonials gave maximum opportunity to promote TBS Boats as trustworthy experts in their field, whilst the lifestyle aspect was portrayed with the presenter enjoying a day out boating on the river. This dual approach was designed to entice those dreaming about buying a boat to make their dream a reality, whilst placing TBS Boats as the company to buy from.

Additional Film: TBS Boats 90” Cutdown

Steering a boat.

Our testimonials

From the first meeting, Molly and the team clearly knew what they were doing and instilled confidence from day one. They listened to what we wanted, explained clearly what the process would be and got on with it with total professionalism. The result is outstanding – fantastic value for money and a video that has got us a lot of attention. I couldn’t be happier.

Dominic Smulders, Co-Owner TBS Boats

We believe that people will engage with your brand if they care about it.  Share information about your business that inspires and resonates and your market will respond with their custom. This is at the root of everything we do.

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