Beds on Board


To produce a short video revealing the new partnership between Beds on Board and MDL Marinas. The video was aimed at potential Beds on Board customers and boat-owners to explain and sell the concept.


The client had a very well defined idea of what he wanted to achieve, so we worked closely with him to make it happen. His ideas were translated into visual sequences using actors and a very nice yacht. The scenes were cut together with captions to tell the story of staying on a boat with Beds on Board.

Our testimonials

“… Molly interpreted my brief accurately, with a strong understanding of our business and how that can be expressed through story-telling, giving me total trust that she could deliver. Anyone looking for an expert video partner with top customer service skills should drop Molly a line…”

Tim Ludlow, Founder at Beds on Board.

We believe that people will engage with your brand if they care about it.  Share information about your business that inspires and resonates and your market will respond with their custom. This is at the root of everything we do.

We exist to tell your story